Visiting Savannah in GA in October is pleasant with the mild autumn temperature. And several people told me that it’s one of the busiest months on the Savannah activities calendar: free outdoor concerts, the city marathon, and various food and music festivals.

Savannah is the oldest city in the U.S. state of Georgia and it’s best explored on foot. There are 22 squares to explore (and you might find the bench where Forrest Gump sat). As you stroll around, you’re surrounded by Spanish moss dripping from oak tree branches, with old colonial-style houses built along the impressive cobbled streets. There is so much charm in this city — in history, in architecture, and in all the food that Savannah has to offer.

You can spend all day and more wandering the streets and squares of Savannah. Highlights are stopping for Leopold’s famous ice cream or a coffee or cocktail in the many delightful bars and restaurants in the city.

Places to visit:


  • Park your car and enjoy the city on foot.
  • Like in New Orleans, you can walk the streets with an alcoholic beverage, but only within a certain block radius. So make sure you know which streets allow walking and sipping.
  • Be ready to take lots of photos – so many amazing buildings, squares, and trees to snap.
  • Make reservations for dinner. Savannah is a food-lovers’ town and restaurants get booked up.
  • Summer time can bring in the hot hot weather.
  • Take your time in “Slo-vannah.”