19th-century charmer in the heart of London

In My Opinion:

Over the last couple of years, on my many trips back to the Mother Land, I have been fortunate to stay in a fabulous historic 19th century five star hotel – called the Kimpton Fitzroy.

Located on Russell Square, this hotel was, from its opening in 1900 until 2018, known as Hotel Russell.   Designed by architect Charles Fitzroy Doll in the late 19th century, this landmarked building is a true ode to history with its turrets, arches and is distinctively clad in decorative thé-au-lait (“tea with milk”) terracotta.

The hotel takes your breathe away… well it certainly did mine.    From breakfast and a cuppa in Barr & Co (their cafe) to a fancy fizz cocktail in the Fitz Bar – there is so much attention to detail.    One of my favourite spots was in Palm Court, an area surrounded by greenery and comfy sofas… became my office for the afternoon.

The restaurant, which was originally named after the architect but is now called Neptune, is said to be almost identical to the RMS Titanic‘s dining room, which he designed.

Make sure you also go up to the second floor stairs and hunt out “Lucky George”, a bronze dragon. An identical copy was on the Titanic.  Now you know why this one is called Lucky George!

The rooms themselves are warm and inviting and relatively quiet for London.  Could have stayed in bed all day!

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