After spending so much time indoors, it has been great to get outdoors and do some exploring.  Recently I went over to Spectacle Island, 4-miles offshore of downtown Boston, Massachusetts.   A 105-acre island in Boston Harbour with some stunning panoramic views of Boston Harbour.

I took the 30-minute ferry ride from Long Wharf in Boston with Boston Harbor Cruises.  There were a number of times available throughout the day.   I should state that COVID-19 restrictions are still in effect and there are certain guidelines to follow:

  • You will need to pre-book your ticket via the Boston Harbor Cruises Website
  • You will need to wear a face mask for the whole journey
  • Seats are limited to help with the 6-feet distance policy
  • You can buy drinks/snacks on the ferry
  • They have plenty of hand sanitizer (but do carry your own!)

The view of Boston Skyline from the ferry as we made our way to the island is one not to be missed, so make sure you are sat at the back of the boat!    The island is small, but has a marina, welcome center with exhibits, food available (but not open when I visited due to COVID), sandy beaches, 5-miles of walking trails (advised to wear a face mask when near people) and plenty of great spots for a picnic.   One of the trails leads you to the top of North Drumlin, a 157 foot-high hill, offering magnificent panoramic views of the harbour and the city.

The island is a top favourite of sea glass collectors, as one of the beaches is loaded with sea glass and pottery from years gone by. Some of these shards could be well over 100 years old as Spectacle Island has an old and varied history.   It had two hotels built on it in 1847, only to be closed by police ten years later when it was discovered they were used for gambling and other illicit activities.   The island has also housed a horse rendering plant, a trash incinerator and a quarantine hospital!

When you next visit Boston, add Spectacle Island to your list – a true hidden gem.