Over a glass of wine with my friend, I was moaning about my current soft case bag and how it was just heavy – before I had put clothes in it!  I have done and do a lot of traveling for work and for fun – I even remember my first suitcase – a bright red large Samsonite with 2 wheels which I still have in storage… can’t seem to let it go!

2 years ago when I set off on my nomadic life, I was gifted by my friends a set of Away suitcases.   The Large, The Bigger Carry-on and the Carry On.

These suitcases have a lightweight design (before I have put clothes in) and are easy to roll around on their four wheels.  The Carry On bags also have a handy charging feature; a little pop-out charging battery that allows you to charge two devices while on the go.   I am constantly on my phone for work so to have the additional charge as I wait around in airports or at train stations is a life saver.  The handles come out easily and I am able to slide on my handbag so it attaches to the suitcase, keeping it from falling off. Each suitcase has 2 compartments and they can hold quite a bit.   I have travelled for a long weekend just with the Carry On and have lived for over a year with just the Large and the Bigger Carry on.   They also come in some fabulous colours which you can find here (https://www.awaytravel.com) on their website.   Highly recommended.


This is not sponsored or an ad.  Just my opinion.  Bags have been used for the last 2 years – hence the scratches!